#Oct 2016 – my last night in Bangkok

Alone, with 120 THB left and a credit card (did not tend to use), the last bus to the airport is midnight right at 12:00:00. Yeah, I was “super” sure to get back to Glur Bangkok hostel by 11pm to catch BTS and bus to the airport, then would spent the short sleep in the airport and wait for the early flight. Who knows?

On that day, it’s also the funeral of King Rama IX – the most respectful king of Thailand history. All the streets in BKK were crowded and stuck. I was waiting for a free bus from BTS Siam to Khaosan Road, it took 20 mins then the red bus came. And oh well, I got into the wrong bus, then a friendly schoolgirl helped me get off the bus to catch the right one.
The bus left me at the nearest station, and I saw many seem-like european travelers stood there to wait for the bus. After more than 40 mins, when I was just about to give up, then the bus reached. Long distance, heavy traffic jams, stuck, stuck and stuck, it finally stopped nearby MRT Hua Lam Phong, and I thought, “oh no, I’m done”! It’s almost 9pm and I had 2 hrs left to get back to the hostel.

A good woman told us (a korean girl, a US couple, and me) to follow her, she said there was free motorcycle that night to Khaosan Road. Yes, she was 100% right! 3 black motorbikes with super cool riders IN BLACK took us and rode through the busy street. The atmosphere was just so great, along the street was vans with people on the back, they were so happy and honor ” I am here for the King”, then they gave us milk, bottled water and said ” For the King, yeahhh”.

About 5 mins on the motorbike, we finally arrived Khaosan Road, it’s 9:30, OMG! I told myself, “OK Harley, 15mins only”, yes! A short walk around Khaosan Road to glance, not “see”. Bought a chicken kebab from a qualified street-chef, I was in a hurry to walk back to the nearest bus station in Democracy Monument.
There was more and more crowded, police were standing along both sides of the street. I walked to them, looked around to find the bus. A policeman talked to me something in Thai, he might think I was local Thai *LOL:))* . Opened 2 eyes and stared at him, I spoke English “Could you tell me where is the nearest BTS?”. Haha, he laughed and realized I was a foreigner, he told to other police, they were so nice to help but I couldn’t understand what they’re trying to tell me. Luckily, a helpful girl came and shown me the way. We were talking about everything: work, trips, Thailand, Vietnam, then guys hahaha.

After 20 mins, we still could not reach any bus, then I asked her about the free motorcycle, she quickly brought me to introduce to the Black Team. I saw she was so serious to explain to the Team and asked them to help me. I’d like to say a big thank with all my heart to her, she saved my day (and my trip)!!!!
A young schoolboy gave me a lift to BTS Siam on his motorbike. He rode so fast, I felt my hair blew back to my face. In a moment, I could feel the happiness in a different country, the speedy move, the fantastic feeling I’ve ever had!
It’s also a short story after that, haha, but I’ll save it to tell you.

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